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Adoption and Foster Parenting

In Their Own Words

Foster Youth

photo Jacquinn, Foster Youth
"Look deep from within. Know who you are and just be the best you can be."
photo Lusian, Emancipated Foster Youth
"When I was 10 years old that's when I started going into foster homes. It was different and it was hard. I was separated from my brothers and sisters. Everybody started to go to jail. Everybody started going off, we all started to separate. I know if my mom was alive she wouldn't want that to happen."
photo Maggie, Foster Youth
Q: What woud you say to foster children and youth who are waiting for a family?
A: "I would say hold on. I would say no matter what there's always someone there to help you. You just gotta find that person."

Foster and Adoptive Parents

photo Betina Hseigh, Adoptive Parent, Teacher
"I just think it's so important for all of our childrens' lives to be enriched by a community and for us to breakdown traditional stereotypes or barriers as to what a family looks like. Because family is really above love and caring and committment. It doesn't matter what color you are or faith you practice or who you are. When it comes down to it we're all human beings, and children are children, and children need to be loved."
photo Larry Swimmer, Adoptive Parent, Chairman Native American Health Center
"We decided that we were going to keep this family together so we started the process to bring these children into our family circle. We adopted 3 of them and the other 2 are under guardianship now. 'Cause you want to protect those children you basically need to make them just like your own. And that's how it is; they're just like my own kids."
photo Trudi Bryant-Williams, Adoptive Parent
"I got Autumn when she was six weeks old (they're 13 months apart) and after Amber was delivered they called and told me mom had another little girl. And it was really important 'cause they had a little girl; I liked the idea of raising little girls. They asked me would I consider it. I talked to my older daughter, and she said yes that would be fine. So I brought them together into a family."

Community members

photo Reggie Steele, Comedian/Adoptee
"Everyone wants love; we as people need love. If you have it to give and you want to share it, there are plenty of children out there that are more than willing and able to receive it, and they would absolutely love it and love you for it. You can change somebody's life. You can actually change someone's life."